Invite Daisy Lacuanan-Callanta

Encounter the presence of God and the power of the Holy Spirit. Know that God is the same yesterday, now and forever more.

Daisy is anointed to be a carrier of the Holy Spirit, leading people into the manifested presence of the Holy Spirit. With a gift of faith from God, her ministry is marked by the Holy Spirit in a special way.

Having encountered Jesus personally and anointed by fire and evangelism by the Holy Spirit, she ministers in God’s power, excellence and reverence. She believes as Jesus promised in His Word that signs and wonders follow those who believe in Christ. Divine Kingdom encounters in the life of believers should be  dally “ordinary” occurrences.

In Jesus HUGS Ministries, we have seen many people from all walks of life come into a genuine and life-changing experience in God’s glorious presence.

Daisy’s heart burns towards the lost, the sick, the captives, and the believer who wants a deeper fellowship with the Holy Spirit.


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