This is the evangelistic arm to the secular workplace of the ministry. We aim to teach, equip and impart effective leadership principles of Jesus Christ. In doing so, we want to help people reach their fullest potential as they find their purpose in life.

Amidst the busy schedule at work, during these events, we want people to pause, reflect and get inspired to aim for significance versus success.

A Winning Strategy Starts From Within

January 16, 2020

In today’s employee-driven market, no company can afford to have a sudden and unexpected migration of its most critical employees simply because HR refused to change!

How we THINK and FEEL determine how we ACT.

As HR practitioners, we must learn to FLEX and RELAX.

Daisy felt that it was an awesome privilege to be invited as speaker of the FREE learning session hosted by (Manila) Innovate by Sprout: How to Create a Winning Employee Retention Strategy.

The whole team of Sprout Solutions and KMC Solutions were such great hosts and organizers. The people who attended were amazing and fun to be with.

Praising Jesus for new friends and divine connections met within the HR Community.

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PHRG HR Summit: HI’s and Laws

September 18, 2019

Fresh from Bali, Daisy proceeded to the “2019 PHRG HR Summit: HI’s and Laws” and spoke about “Best Practices on Wages and Labor Standards” to more than 200 awesome people.

She is both an evangelist and an HR practitioner. It’s what she does for Jesus.

Whether in the ministry or in the workplace, Daisy praises Jesus that she is able to do the Lord’s  first commandment to love God and love the people; as well as His great commission to share the love and gospel of Jesus everywhere  she goes!

Jesus ended her day with a date night with her ever supportive husband, John.

Daisy is truly thankful to PHRG Family:.

In HR, Love is Key

April 27, 2019

Daisy is thankful to Jesus for the privilege to speak at the Inspire HR Event hosted by Philippines HR Group.

Contrary to what the industry has taught us, Jesus has every right to be in the workplace.

It is impossible to serve people without the supernatural grace of Jesus. We simply cannot give to others what we do not have. We only respond back in love to people when we have truly experienced the unconditional love and grace from Jesus Christ, our Lord. It is only then, that we are able to see people in the eyes of Jesus to love and serve them in a way that will impact their lives and ours completely.

This is why Daisy is a strong believer that in valuing the values of HR, unconditional LOVE is key!

To become effective witness of that love, we must:

1. Be humble. This will give us a sense of purpose and fulfillment

2. Serve more than lead. This makes us love the people we work with and the work we do more.

3. Be relational. It inspires us and others to make a difference.

4. Be transformational. This leads to transformed lives, starting with our own.

To God be the glory.

Jesus Is My Hero

December 6, 2019

Daisy was blessed to be invite by McKenzie company to speak their “2019 Christmas Thanksgiving Service.”

Jesus is the reason for this season. He came into the world, stripped Himself of His Divinity and became fully man as a sacrificial lamb for us.

Jesus is my hero because He willingly died and paid for all our sins in full. Christmas is all about His birth, death and resurrection so we can have eternal life in Jesus Christ.

As believers, every second is a time of rejoicing and thanksgiving for what Jesus has done at the cross.

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Jesus HUGS SeidoPro

October 13, 2018

It was an epic weekend workshop for Daisy who facilitated the “Core Workshop for the Vision Mission Values Formulation” of SeidoPro at Canyon Cove Batangas.

In her 22 years in the HR Profession in the workplace, this was the first time a Vision Mission Values Formulation Workshop was made  to a whopping number of 85 leaders. This is unheard of in the industry. This was only made possible because Jesus and His angels have gone before me. And because the Holy Spirit has empowered us all throughout the workshop.

Even in the workplace, the Holy Spirit manifested when people heard about the miraculous healing of Josiah that gave Daisy a deeper purpose in life.


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