God Is Bigger Than Autism

June 22, 2019

The book launch was held at B Hotel, Alabang. About a hundred people closest to Daisy and her family came and celebrated this momentous event in their lives.

Armed with a vision from the Lord Jesus Christ, Daisy in radical obedience, took the leap of faith and published her very first book, “God Is Bigger Than Autism.”

For those longing for an encounter with the Lord or is seeking for supernatural healing from Jesus, then, this book is for you.

What Jesus did to their son’s life, Josiah, their marriage, and the whole family, was, and still is, “supernatural.”

Daisy strongly believes that Christ wants all of us to live in faith, fully surrendered and yielded to the Holy Spirit, so that breakthroughs, healing, and freedom will become “ordinary” daily occurrences.

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Latest News: God Is Bigger than Autism


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