The 700 Club Asia, “Bully At Work”

“Bully At Work”

January 8, 2020

Daisy Callanta was invited as guest HR Resource Speaker in the Wednesday Episode, “Bully At Work” by The 700 Club Asia. The TV interview was hosted by Miriam Quiambao-Roberto and Sonjia Kakila where they asked Daisy to share her personal experience on how to cope and overcome with bullies at work.

In this episode, we get to witness Daisy share’s her expertise in HR coupled with the nugget of wisdom from the Word of God on how she changed her perspective to look at bullies as “grace developers” instead.  


Bully At Work (Full TV Episode)

The interview with Daisy starts at the 11:20 minute mark.

Instead of fostering anger, choose to forgive and be gracious. Releasing forgiveness is such a powerful gift to end the cycle of hate and replace it with the love that can only come from Jesus Christ.

Bully At Work (Episode Trailer)


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