Set Free

Miracle Sunday, HCF Manila

June 30, 2019

Daisy was invited during Miracle Sunday of HCF Manila to speak about being “Set Free” in Jesus Christ.

The atmosphere was so thick under the presence of God that Sunday. Many got saved, some got their healing, while others got delivered from strongholds because of the manifested move of the Holy Spirit.

One even testified being instantly healed from skin problems during Worship. A woman who wasn’t aware she was oppressed by demons got delivered under the power of the Holy Spirit. Another, we prayed over her swollen hand received her instant healing once she has renounced anger and asked forgiveness from her children. It’s such a tremendous blessing to see relationships get restored under the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ! All glory and honor to Jesus alone.

Watch a snippet of that message in the sincerest hope that those who hear will have their faith increase even more in Jesus Christ our Lord!


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