RA 11650 Brings Hope To Families with Special Needs

JESUS HUGS MINISTRIES INC. reveres the passage of Republic Act

11650 or “An Act Instituting a Policy of Inclusion and Services of Learners with Disabilities in Support of Inclusive Education, signed into law by President Rodrigo Duterte on March 11, 2022.

As an advocate for children with special needs, this is a breakthrough that is most awaited by countless parents who long to safeguard the recognition, protection, and promotion of the rights of all children with disabilities.

With the enactment of this law, we pray that barriers and wrong perceptions that prevent children with disabilities from getting equal access to education will be removed. This will also protect families against exuberant costs being charged by SPED Schools and Centers, a fact, that we, know too well.

For many years, there was very little support programs and resources extended to families with special needs to address their holistic education needs that include, among others, inclusive public awareness, learning resource centers, accessible materials, family education, pre- and in-service professional development for teachers and child development workers, and an advisory council.

Jesus HUGS Ministries Inc. President and CEO, Daisy Callanta said:

Children with special needs as learners have long been victims of various forms of discrimination, inequality, bullying and abuse. As a parent who used to have an autistic child, I witnessed and experience all these first hand. Before pandemic, many Filipino families with special needs, even for those who can afford it financially, still there was very limited access to quality and basic education. Imagine how more difficult it is for those less privileged, whose at greater risk of receiving none at all. I am hopeful, that through this law, we would see more improved and inclusive programs and services for learners with disabilities.

In the mean time, we know that much is yet to be done. We in Jesus HUGS Ministries, will continue to do our share to raise awareness, free community programs and support counseling for families with special needs.


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