Hearts United in God and Service (HUGS)

We are blessed to be in partnership with many organizations and ministries that share the same advocacy to end “gospel poverty” across all nations for Jesus. 

Currently, our partners include:


RBC MDC Corporation. Offers logistics services on both national and foreign pharmaceutical companies nationwide.  Its founders, Mr. Romy and Ms. Mini Carbonel, are continuing partners of the ministry. They are God-loving people whose vision and mission in life is to help others and become the most preferred and highly-valued partner in the industry. Thankful to Jhoya Morales of PHRG for being the channel of blessing used by Jesus for His Kingdom connection.


Salt & LightSalt & Light Ventures. Provides premium, values-based development resources to companies across all industries. Its CEO, Boris Joaquin, is one of the continuing partners and valued mentor of both John and Daisy Callanta, founders of Jesus HUGS Ministries.


PHRGPhilippines HR Group. A premiere social networking group that offers high-value and cost-effective public training programs and social learning events. Darwin Rivers, President and Founder,  is a a continuing long term supporter and friend of Daisy Callanta, who is also part of the Mentor’s Circle of the group. Thankful to the whole PHRG Family for being the channel of blessing used by Jesus for His Kingdom connection.



CALMC.A.L.M Martha’s Home. Its advocacy is to provide professional in-house and home care for the elderly and special patients. Their unconditional service to those needing assisted living and specialized care have given comfort to many. In partnership with Carol Roa, owner, we share the gospel and pray for the sick. Thankful to Dr. Milton Amayun for being the channel of blessing used by Jesus for His Kingdom connection.



Seidopro Global. Its identity marked by becoming a pioneering reputable partner in logistics, non voice BPO and consultancy in the IT industry for shipping principals in the Philippines and Asia-Pacific region. Thankful to Marvin Zoilo of PHRG, an awesome friend and supporter for being the channel of blessing used by Jesus for His Kingdom connection.



McKenszie Distribution Company Inc. It specializes in the distribution and toll-manufacturing of consumer goods in the Philippines. We have been blessed by how the company honors God by annually hosting a “Thanksgiving Service” where all the employees pause and reflect on the goodness of God throughout the year. Not often do companies make Jesus Christ as the reason for thanksgiving instead of celebrating their success. Thankful to Len Magallanes of PHRG for being the channel of blessing used by Jesus for His Kingdom connection.

Media Partners


CSMCSM Publishing IncA valued continuing partner of Jesus HUGS Ministries in all its self-published books exclusively distributed globally. We are one with them in their aim to strengthen the church, equip the saints and reach mankind for Jesus Christ. Thankful to Ninang Joy Solina, Zheng Tan, Lyra Villarante and Ricky Gallos for being a blessing.


CBN AsiaCBN Asia. With its vision to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ to the Philippines, Asia and the world, their continuing support has proven to be a tremendous blessing for Jesus HUGS Ministries. Through them, the ministry’s reach has been increased, which greatly helped in the aim to end gospel poverty across all nations. Thankful to Marc Arhvin Amante, Star Palma and Jocelyn Rayton for being the channels of blessing used by Jesus for His Kingdom connection.



Masayang Tahanan. FEBC Philippines, through Atty. Winnie and Maloi Salumbides of Masayang Tahanan, graciously invited us to share our book, “God Is Bigger than Autism,” as we tell people about our supernatural journey against autism. Thankful to my Aunt Mimi Boncan, for being God’s channel of blessing for His Divine Connection.




HomeEcoNanay. Radyo Pilipinas 2, HomeEcoNanay and their lovely hosts, Marinela and Charmaine supported and gave media coverage for the pre-launch of the book “God Is Bigger than Autism.” Shout out to our Aunt Mimi Boncan, who works for the company whom God used to open this door for the ministry.




Bagong Pilipinas. PTV 4, ON THE SPOT: Bagong Pilipinas, and hosts, Dianne Medina and Karla Paderna gave additional media coverage and support for the book “God Is Bigger than Autism.” Another door opened by Jesus so many people will hear the amazing love and grace of Christ for us. Thankful again to Tita Mimi, who helped open this media coverage for the book launch.




Moms Magazine. AP Media, through Mom’s Magazine, a free publication that appeals to the Christian audience while maintaining content that attracts all people of all walks of life, has shown their support and partnership to both John and Daisy Callanta. Dear friends of its Editor in Chief, Evelyn Damian, both them are also writers for the magazine which are distributed quarterly in churches, government agencies, prisons, offices and schools.


Church Partners



Christ Followers Fellowship. The home church family of John, Daisy, Joshua and Josiah, family founders of Jesus HUGS Ministries. They helped plant and establish the church in May 2019, together with awesome friends in Jesus. A church that believes that following Jesus requires death to self so Jesus can live fully within us, entailing total surrender, sacrifice and commitment to the power of the Holy Spirit. 



HCF ManilapngHCF Manila. Heritage Christian Fellowship, a continuing long term church partner in the deliverance ministry that shares the same advocacy to help people be delivered from every chains of abuse, anger, addiction, depression, bullying, and suicide through the power of the Holy Spirit in and through those who believe Jesus Christ. Pastor Garvic and Rubi Garcia, are both dear friends and mentors of John and Daisy Callanta of Jesus HUGS Ministries. Thankful to Tammy Lim for also being a channel of blessings for the family and the ministry.




Livingstone Covenant Christian Fellowship. Another long term church partner of Jesus HUGS Ministries in Cebu in the deliverance and healing ministry. Grace Valdez, one of the founding Pastors of the church is a mentor and dear friend of Daisy Callanta. Both are certified evangelists and facilitators for Haggai International. 



Dwelling PlaceDwelling Place Global City Church. We are one with this church in their vision to minister under the manifested presence of the Holy Spirit. It is our desire to help and partner with Pastor Bong and Belen Tumaque, in raising up a generation of Kingdom Builders  through a lifestyle of worship to maximize their full potential to do God’s work for building up His church and for the fulfillment of the Great Commission. 


School Partners



Livingstone Christian Academy. Long term school partner in Cebu, owned by Grace Valdez, one of the dearest friend and mentor of Daisy Callanta, President and CEO of Jesus HUGS Ministries. Both share the same vision to seed on the lives of the “NextGen” believing in faith that many from them will rise, God-loving and fearing generations who will be used mightily by Jesus Christ and become leaders in their respective professions.


Hopewell Integrated

Hopewell Integrated School. Its owners, Arnold and Win Alegre, good friends of the family founders of Jesus HUGS Ministries, are united in their advocacy to spread awareness on the proper care for children with autism and special needs. In faith, we believe supernatural healing for children with special needs who will become living miraculous testimonies of the healing power of Jesus Christ.




H.O.P.E. Development Center for Children Inc. The Founding Owner, Nida Landingin-Gusto, an advocate for autism for more than 35 years, met Daisy Callanta, through a common friend, Carol Roa, Owner of C.A.L.M Martha’s Home. With the same advocacy, it is our prayer that both ministries will be able to partner long term in providing awareness about autism across the Philippines.




Oliverez College. Under the leadership of Al Bandong, Principal of Integrated Basic Eduction Department, the ministry supports their vision to gain “Unity in Diversity” as they strive to have “quality” education for all. We pray more doors will be opened to have a long term campus ministry that will address current issues on depression that most young people nowadays suffer from.

Want to learn more how to partner with us?

We welcome those who would want to partner with Jesus HUGS Ministries. Help us end gospel poverty as we spread the gospel of Jesus Christ in the power the Holy Spirit.

We would love to hear and explore ways on how we can partner with you.

Kindly contact Daisy Callanta, President and CEO of Jesus HUGS Ministries at:

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