Operation Jesus HUGS: Taal

A Taste of Miracle of Fishes and Loaves

February 1, 2020



The miracles of our Lord Jesus were never just arbitrary, spur-of-the-moment bursts of “raw” supernatural power.

No way!

The miracles of Jesus Christ were designed to teach as well as to authenticate His deity. They were always planned and purposeful demonstrations of the power of God. The “how-to” of meeting needs is the miracle which we experienced first hand in a bigger scale this week.We have seen and tasted God’s miracle of multiplication!

The donations we’ve received and the amount the ministry apportioned were no match with the gigantic needs of the people affected by Taal now that they are starting to rebuild their lives.Jesus impressed on our hearts to give out 200 grocery bags.

While buying the items we listed, reality struck sharply as we realized just how little we can afford to give. With childlike faith, Daisy uttered a simple prayer and asked Jesus to multiply what little we had.Little did I know that He already did.When John and I got home, we were surprised to see donations our friend Ian collected.We actually saw how our fishes and loaves multiplied before our very eyes that night.


The Php 40,000 worth of goodies quickly multiplied to almost Php 100,000 worth of donations received a day before the outreach.  This included 200 pcs of freshly baked loaves of bread. 🙂

Everyone worked tirelessly to repack everything. With no sleep, off we went to Tanauan in partnership with VCF last Saturday. With Ptr. Henry and his flock, we were able to share the gospel and distribute relief goods.

Praise Jesus! More than a hundred people accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

As we saw the crowd grew bigger, we knew that the 200 bags were not enough. The names on the list were already 215 and many still came.

Thank you Jesus. We don’t know how, but every family represented from those crowd went home with Jesus in their hearts and grocery bags on their hands.

Jesus once again, multiplied in a supernatural way.

From this miracle, I realized that the giver of the “five loaves and two fish” will always be blessed along with the receiver. In fact, we ended up with far more than we had when we started!

Even after the relief operations, we had left over bags to give out to people in Talisay, Batangas.

Our hearts almost bursted in pain as we saw their hard living conditions. Relief goods do not reach them. Yet with the very little we gave out, they were so grateful.

We saw the need and we have decided to come back to them on Saturday.

With this vision, in faith, Jesus will give the provision to resupply our resources for the further meeting of their needs.

Jesus taught us to “give what we have.” We are not expected to give what we don’t have, but we are expected to give what we do have!

Are you still clinging to your “five loaves and two fishes to meet your own needs and wants? Or have you turned everything you have over to the Lord?

Just like the boy who gave his whole lunch to the Lord, we can be sure that God will continue to meet our needs as we work with Him in meeting the needs of others!

To all our volunteers, donors and partners, thank you. May the Lord return a thousandfold what you all have seeded in the furtherance of God’s Kingdom.

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