Blessed to Be a Blessing

We are blessed by the generous and kind hearts of our donors who share the same advocacy to end “gospel poverty” across all nations for Jesus. 

Carbonel Family

Carbonel Family 

Romy and Mini Carbonel, together with their son, Marc, are one of our longest continuing partners in the ministry. They are the owners of RBC MDC Corporation, a company founded on their strong belief in God and love for people. Their faith and love for Jesus,  made the bond between Mini and Daisy strong from the first time they met in 2018.



Susantry Sihombing

Susantry, an Indonesian missionary, met Daisy in Haggai International in 2018. Their love for Jesus, the missions and the children are what make their friendship special. Susantry was the first donor and continuing volunteer and prayer partner of Daisy for Jesus HUGS Ministries. 



Pastors Garvic and Rubi Garcia. 

A beautiful couple inside and out, their devotion and service to Jesus extends beyond the church walls and into workplaces, conference venues and campsites. Kuya Garvic and Ate Rubi are serious about sharing the Gospel, keeping things authentic, and loving and laughing with people.




Mimi and Nono Boncan

Aunt Tita Mimi Boncan has been an integral vessel of God’s connection for the ministry. Her influence in media has paved open doors for the ministry both pre- and post-book launch of “God Is Bigger than Autism.” With the same heart for Jesus and people, this wonderful couple has been strong prayer partners to the family and the ministry..


Castaneda Family

Castaneda Family 

Jonathan and Hiyas Castaneda, together with their daughter, Biyaya, also one of our longest continuing partner in the ministry. They are dear friends of Daisy Callanta, having previously worked together in White & Case, where Daisy used to be the Head of HR before embracing her calling as full time Evangelist for Jesus. This couple has ready hands and hearts to help people in need.



Ian Perminola

Ian Jay Perminola

Ian is a long-time friend since highschool of Daisy Callanta. Despite the many years of not seeing each other after graduation, upon hearing that Daisy established Jesus HUGS Ministries, Ian immediately showed his continuing support for her and the ministry. Although working overseas, Ian manages to always show his support and prayers in obedience to God’s prompting.




PaulPaul, Joy and PJ Callanta 

Paul is the younger brother of John Callanta, co-founder and CFO of Jesus HUGS Ministries. They currently live in Australia but continuously keep the family and the ministry in their prayers. They showed their massive support of Daisy’s first book, “God Is Bigger than Autism,” when they found a way to have book copies shipped to Australia and distributed to families of children with special needs.



Charisse “Chai” Labadlabad

Chai also met Daisy in Haggai International in 2018. Both at major crossroads in life, they became good friends. Chai, in support to Daisy’s calling, invited and sponsored an HR Talk as a way to celebrate her birthday with friends, peers and partners in the Banking Industry. Chai was also one of the first donors for Jesus HUGS Ministries, who sacrificially seeded in God’s work.



Yoy Cruz.jpg

Yoy Cruz

Yoy met Daisy at Haggai International in Hawaii in 2019. She was attending HLE while Daisy was attending her IFD Training. Needing prayers at that time, Daisy was asked to pray over her to remind her of the love of Jesus. Months passed, Daisy was surprised by Yoy in FB with a message of thanks. Yoy was one of the first and biggest supporters of Daisy when she launched her book, “God Is Bigger than Autism” last June 2019.


April Jacube

April Olive Jacube

April used to work with Daisy in Sitel Philippines. Like many of the members of the HR Team, she fondly calls Daisy, “mother”, because she really was one to many of them. Many years passed,  then April greeted Daisy on her birthday, both being March celebrants. With it, April with her daughter Ameisha, showed their support for Daisy and Jesus HUGS Ministries by becoming also one of its first donors.


Collis Yaw.jpg

Collis Yaw. 

John and Collis met and served in Afghanistan in 2017-2018, when both were doing day jobs for the US Embassy and serving Jesus in Bible studies and prayer meetings. An ordained pastor and senior security officer, Collis intercedes for the ministry as well as John and Daisy, and brought copies of “God is Bigger than Autism” to the US.


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