Supernatural Healing

Part 3 – Encounter With Jesus Led to Supernatural Healing

This video is the evidential proof that miracles happen!

An “ordinary” family became “extraordinary” because of  Jesus Christ.

Daisy had a personal encounter with Jesus that led to her baptism in the Holy Spirit. Her spiritual eyes opened under the powerful presence of God and the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in her life.

Since that day, unexplainable supernatural boldness to share the gospel came upon her Daisy incessantly preached the good news of salvation to anyone. Many people in the workplace have encountered the powerful presence of God and got saved.

Seven days from her encounter with the Lord Most High, during her morning devotion, in the spirit, she saw Jesus and heard him audibly say, “Daisy, Josiah is healed. Autism and all sickness is not from God. It is from the enemy to put hopelessness in the lives of many. Why would I do that when I love the little children?”

With a gift of faith that can only come from Jesus Christ, she said, “Lord, I receive!”

Josiah was instantly healed and was medically declared by his specialist to be free from all traces of autism.

Over the years, countless people have witnessed God’s miracle upon Josiah’s life. Once considered as a social outcast, Josiah has become an outgoing gifted child.

Since his healing, he has received numerous awards showcasing his academic, leadership and behavioural excellence. With a running quarterly average of 98.5 since then, he has constantly represented his class in quiz bees in Science, Math, English and General Info.

Once autistic … now gifted in the hands of our Lord Jesus Christ.


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