The 700 Club Asia, “God Is Able”

“God Is Able”

The 700 Club Asia, GMA 7

AUGUST 7, 2019

Josiah’s miraculous healing story was one of the two stories featured in the Wednesday Episode, “God Is Able” by The 700 Club Asia. The TV interview was hosted by Camille Galvez who invited Daisy and Josiah to share their family’s supernatural journey against autism.

This was Josiah’s first TV interview. He did an awesome job as he pleasantly shared how happy he was that we has been healed and freed from the bondage of autism. A walking testament of the love, grace and healing power of the name and blood of Jesus Christ.


God Is Able (Full TV Episode)

Given the limited TV airing time, the full interview had to be cut.

The full 40-minute interview is available in YouTube:  “Josiah Healed from Autism |  The 700 Club Asia”

Or watch it using this link: The 700 Club Asia, “Josiah Healed from Autism”

God Is Able (Episode Trailer)


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