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June 10, 2021

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June 2, 2021

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May 29, 2021

Praise Report

October 26, 2020

It’s a long one.

God bless you Daisy and John. I want to start by saying that I am so grateful to the Lord that I came across our ministry in the time that I did.

To give you a little bit about myself and where I was a few short months ago. I was so far away from the Lord. I used to serve in a church in Florida. I moved to Charlotte with my wife. She is a new Christian and I have not been a great role model for her. Honestly, I didn’t know how to be a husband and was no longer looking for the Lord. We have a daughter who was diagnosed with autism.

I was shocked, confused and hurt. Over time, I accepted Micaela has autism. During the pandemic, finding ourselves locked in the house, the enemy attacked me with extreme fear and anxiety.

But our God is amazing guys!

While working from home, I started to watch videos of minister like Todd White. Then weeks later, while the Lord began to work in my marriage, I found your ministry and connected with you that day. As I received faith by hearing “Josiah’s miraculous healing story,” I felt like I need to connect with you guys.

The Lord spoke to me through you the first Saturday I joined you in FB Live during intercessory hour of prayer. As you prayed over me to stand in the gap for my family, Jesus also showed John a vision of me with a sword in hand.

From that moment, I went into prayer warrior mode in a deeper level. I asked Jesus to allowed me to pray in tongues again (I have not been able to do for years) which Jesus did.

Last Friday, Daisy gave a prophetic word in faith advising me that “breakthrough is about to happen.”

Guess what?

Yesterday, my wife gave her life back to our Lord. While I was on my knees giving God the glory, the word “Breakthrough” kept on playing in my mind.

All these happened because Jesus has been there through it all. I thank God for your ministry because even if you do not know me personally, you and John spoke prophetic words and vision from heavenly that draws people to Jesus.


Rene Figueroa III (North Carolina, USA)

Jesus Heals

September 25, 2020

Hi Ms. Daisy

I just wanted to share that I came across about you when I was looking for an answer on God’s healing for children with autism. At that time, I felt so hopeless given how expensive therapies, medicines and schoolings for children with special needs. I prayed to Jesus telling him that I do not have the means, but I believe He is all I need to heal Raphael. 

Then, I saw your YouTube interview in 700 Club. When you were speaking, I felt goosebumps all over. I cannot explain my feelings listening to you. I talked to my Christian best friend. She said, it was the Holy Spirit’s presence I felt while listening to you.

This is our story. Raphael Miguel or Ram is my second child. He was 3 when he was diagnosed with autism. The Dev Pedia didn’t even finish the one-hour session. After 30 mins, she said that our son has an Autism Spectrum Disorder, Non-Verbal. She even said that if Ram cannot speak by 5 years old, he will be non-verbal all his life. A moment of denial and frustration, I questioned God. Why did He gave this disorder to my son? Was I bad that’s why he was making me suffer?

The years that followed were the darkest years in my life. My son autistic. My marriage was in a mess. I became a different person. 

In 2015, we got a news from my brother in law in the US that our application for Ram’s therapy was approved. It was September 6, 2016 when we went to the US. We thought we would get the breakthrough we needed there. However, days, months, years passed by, still, my son is autistic. 

Last week of December 2019, while browsing YouTube, I prayed to God, “It seems I cannot do anything for Ram. He’s getting older, he’s okay during therapies but when he came from he again manifested tantrums, not listening to me, keeps on hurting me. Lord, it is only You whom I can depend on for his healing. I am asking for Your Divine Healing.” 

Then, I was directed to your interview in 700 club where you shared your testimony of Josiah’s healing. You mentioned that you are an HR Practitioner, so I felt that I can relate to you. I looked for you in YouTube, saw your talks in HR conferences and how you boldly talk about your son’s healing. I said to myself, Jesus, I wanted to be like her, I wanted to experience same healing of Josiah’s to Ram. I want to have a deeper relationship with You. 

Come Feb 2020, I signed up for a free HR seminar, and 2 nights before seminar, I was surprised to see that you will be the speaker. I really got so excited and said thank you prayers to Jesus. Sabi ko, “Sana Lord mabigyan ako ng chance to talk to you. Gusto ko marinig  the journey you’ve experienced.”

After the seminar, pictorial time, I went to you and told you that I bought your book kasi my son has autism. I will never forget your reply, “Don’t say that your son has autism. Jesus has a purpose why we met.” We were not able to talk long that day.

It was September 25, 2020, when I saw in Jesus HUGS Ministries timeline a “Special Online Episode on Time of Prayer, a 1- hour intercessory prayers for children with autism and their families.” 

Since that day you prayed for Raphael until now, I praise Jesus for he never manifested tantrums anymore. When we prayed the next day, Sunday, I hear him speak and say, “Jesus heals me and Jesus loves me!”

I was shocked. He said these words without help or prompt from me. I was so happy to hear my own son claiming his healing from Jesus.

This was the start of our journey in giving full trust and faith in Jesus for the divine healing I keep on asking on Him for Raphael. 

Our conversations improved with him, longer eye contacts, a more calm Raphael. 

This Sunday, January 17, 2021, we got our miracle.

I gave him a write and erase booklet, I wanted him to write because he was so very lazy writing. And guess what he was written? “God will make a Way”. No prompt, no dictation of what to write, he just wrote it freely. I’m seating a meter away from me. I was taking a video that he was writing not knowing the message he made. He wrote the same sentence a second time. Take note, on both instances, correct spelling and complete sentence! 

Thank you Ms. Daisy for the work you do for Jesus. Thank you for bringing us close to Jesus to seek a closer relationship with the Lord. Thank you for leading me to pray to accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.

I believe and give my full trust in Jesus that our journey on Raphael’s complete healing is about to come this year. I will testify to everyone about my son’s healing, not for my credits as a mom, but all for Jesus who is a miracle worker and promise keeper. All glory goes to Jesus alone! 

Much love,

Apple Duly Del Pilar (Philippines)

God Is Able

August 31, 2020

Hi Ms. Daisy

Blessed evening. 

We have seen your testimony in 700 Club. Since then, our hope and faith have increased. 

Back in 2013, w decided to go back to the Philippines to see a second opinion for our son, Aki, who was diagnosed with autism. I felt fear and got anxious about the future of my son. I kept praying and asking God for breakthrough. It’s now 2020, Aki is turning 7 years old, but still unable to speak. 

I saw your testimony on the episode “Josiah healed from autism” in CBN Asia. My heart jumped. I found hope for Aki because of what Josiah said, “In Jesus’ Name, your child is not autistic.” When I heard it, right away, I claimed that for Aki.

Hope comes day by day until this month of August, I found you in FB and your online talk show. I praise God that there is an online and prayer talk show for children with special needs. I remember the episode where you interviewed Ms. Pearl Varghese, from Mumbai India. You spoke about how important it was to speak scriptures in the Bible in faith.

Since then, I started writing memory verses and reading it to Aki.

Then, we watched you teach about spiritual house cleansing. Thank you for helping us on this. It was only God who made us throw away expensive and valuable things because we wanted to rid ourselves of anything that was not pleasing in God’s eyes.  

One day, I saw Aki sat down, got his notepad, and without help or prompting from me, he read 4 verses on his own. (2 Timothy 1:7, Philippians 4:11-12, Isaiah 41:10, I Peter 2:24)

Praise Jesus! We finally got our healing breakthrough. There is indeed life and hope in the Word of God. He can now speak, read and write.

As my husband was singing worship, he heard a voice in his right ear that said, “Your son Aki is healed.” I believe, we have now received complete healing for Aki. 

Aki is now as normal as any kid his age. He is now healed and freed from autism.

Thank you for your life and God’s ministry through you

Truly, Jesus is an amazing God. 

Pamela and Emerson Aguilar (Japan)


July 3, 2020

Hi Daisy

I just watched your testimony again with 700 Club Asia, on YouTube. I was really blessed with your book and encouraged by it.

My 5-year-old daughter, Hope, has autism. I believe that by the stripes of Jesus, my child is healed because He already took on autism on His body so that my child wouldn’t have to.

Odion Uriesi (South Africa)

Have Faith in Jesus

July 1, 2020

Hi Ms. Daisy

Done reading your book. Indeed, “God is bigger than autism!” All glory belongs to Jesus.

So blessed with your testimony kung paano po kayo na transform. In our church, we believe in praying in tongues. I have received it but do not use it always. Now, I understand fully in your testimony of the power of praying in spirit.

I am blessed how Jesus performed miracles in Josiah’s life. Kaya naniniwala ako what happened to Josiah will also happen to Juwan.

I would like to share my Juwan story. He’s our first born. We waited for him for 4 years. Before I got pregnant, in our church (LifeChurch), we had an encounter retreat where both my husband and I were cell group leaders. That day, after baptism of the Holy Spirit, one church member prophesied that I will get pregnant. She said, that child will us joy and that it will be a boy.

Luke 1:4

“He will be a joy and delight to you and many will rejoice because of his birth.”

Indeed, those promises happened. This is why we named our son, Juwan Gabriel. “Juwan” derived from the name John. “Gabriel” named after the angel who gave the good news to Zechariah.

Three years after, my son was diagnosed with autism. I started to question God.

Before I watched your testimony, I spent more time on research on how to do my own therapy for Juwan.  

One day, I started searching for God’s healing on autism, I have watched two videos from other countries, then came across your testimony in 700 Club CBN Asia. 

Thank you Ms. Daisy. I pray that God use you to touch many more lives like us. God bless you.

Gemma Agustin (Philippines)

Faith Journey

June 23, 2020

Hi Daisy

Thank you for sharing your wonderful miracle testimony to the world. My family and I are working so hard at building our faith to receive our miracle the way you received yours. Your testimony helps build our faith.

We watched your interview on YouTube last night with tears down my face hearing your story and seeing your beautiful boy. Nothing is impossible with God.

I just finished your book. It was so beautifully written. So full of the TRUTH. I plan on reading it again and again.

We listened to your hour of prayer. We know how challenging and demanding your lives be but you always think of us and Kate. Thank you for the prophesy over Chris. He is excited to be a pastor Daisy. His mom would often say that Chris should have been a lecturer/teacher. The thoughts of him being a teacher of God’s Word excites us both.

As for John’s vision of Kate looking up high and seeing a tall angel. Tears came down on my face when we heard this. To affirm, we have wondered for a long time because she often looks up high in the living room as is, she can see something and then she would smile.

We know Jesus wants us to receive FULL HEALING from Him and you are much part of our healing journey.

Marie and Chris MacCarthy (Ireland)

Instantly Healed

May 28, 2020

To Daisy:

Praise the Lord. I am healed. Hallelujah.

First, during your sharing last night, when you mentioned when the Lord asked you to jump, you jumped. Wow, I thought this lady has the same experience as me. She was obedient and has faith.

Yesterday, during your closing prayer, you prayed that the Lord will heal somebody with a back pain. Suddenly, I felt a small itch on my lower back (lumbar).

After the prayer, I asked my wife to scratch my back as it was itchy. When I went to clean and brush my teeth before bed, I noticed that my back was not in pain. (I have been having this pain for quite a while now. Before the lockdown, I used to go for a back massage every month.)

Hallelujah! When I did the dished tonight, the pain was not there. All glory to our Heavenly Father.

By the way, I have never had such an “instant healing” in my life before. This is the first time. Healed even though I didn’t pray or ask for it. He truly knows our need.

It is my prayer that the Lord bless both of you richly in your ministry for His Kingdom.

Shalom and God bless.

Thank you and regards,

Andrew Hong (Malaysia)

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