Law or Grace?


Do we choose law or grace? Self righteousness or God’s righteousness?

The choice is yours!

When challenges come our way, only the house built on solid rock will stand. Jesus is the one and only rock! All other grounds are shifting sand.

Simple truth remains that the only foundation of our faith must be Jesus Christ Himself.

Under the old covenant, we were under the “law” of Moses where we have to do good works by our self-effort.

Through the Blood of Jesus Christ, we can now enjoy “grace” under the new covenant. At the finished works of Jesus on the cross, although we are a sinner and undeserving, we became the righteousness of God through Jesus.

When we believe what Jesus has done, we can thank and praise God because we are blessed only because of Jesus. This is what the gospel of grace is all about – it is all about Jesus alone.

Sadly, many churches have made the mistake of mixing the “gospel of grace” through Jesus with “religion” through good works. Many people therefore find themselves not able to live in full faith the finished work of Jesus and somehow added self-effort as part of the equation.

Wake up believers!

It is high time that we all realise that it is NOT by our works that we get salvation but by gift through Jesus Christ.

When we learn to stop mixing religion and the gospel of grace of Jesus, we will experience unspeakable joy and enlightenment about the true nature of who Jesus is. We will experience that it is easier to receive in faith the miracles and spiritual gifts that have already been provided to us by Jesus Himself.

It is the gospel of grace of Jesus that is the power of God. It is NOT a mixture of Jesus and self-effort.

I praise Jesus for giving me a personal encounter in June 2016 when He baptized me in the Spirit setting me free from the bondages that once blinded me. I felt for the first time the unconditional love of Jesus like no other and understood what His super abounding grace really meant.

To God be the glory for giving us the victory!

The key to a transformed life is to understand the gospel of grace of Jesus Christ. Salvation is so much more than spiritual rebirth. It means total transformation which includes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual restoration in Jesus. It is the power that breaks habits of sin and change people to be more like Jesus.

Knowing what Jesus did for us causes us to reign in life.


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